Final Post From Japan … Next Stop Seoul

9 07 2011

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Despite having to write many reports and study for finals, it was touching to see how the Japanese students used any breaks in their class work to spend with us and our team during our final week in Utsunomiya. I, Joel, met with a student from 10:45pm-2:00am one night because that was the only free time he had. On our final evening, the students had a going away party and from the 40 or so people that came, at least 20 of them were freshmen. Since freshmen were our main target to connect with and help get connected to the Navigators’ BEST ministry, we felt so blessed that God used our efforts in mighty ways. Where at one time it would have been a room full of strangers, on that final night it was a room full of close friends, wonderful memories and testimonies of God’s love and grace.

Many of the students wrote us notes and a few even prepared speeches to share at the party. One girl shared that even though she does not believe in God, she does appreciate that He brought us to Japan for the summer. One of the few Christian students shared that he was encouraged by seeing me read my Bible during my spare time and that he wanted to start doing the same. It is so amazing how God used all the conversations, experiences, Bible discussions, and prayers to really advance the gospel and bring these students closer to saving faith in Christ.

Thank you for your support and prayers that made this summer possible. You were a huge part of the success of this trip. All praise and glory to God.

Next we are headed to Seoul, South Korea for 8 days to visit with Saara, a Korean student who we became very close with during her study abroad trip in 2009-2010. She is a member of the Navigators in Korea and was involved with our ministry at USF during her time in Florida. Please pray that there would be much mutual encouragement and that we would be able to spur her on even more in love and good deeds.

Would you also please pray for the students on our team, and soon us as well, for the transition back to America? As we sit here in the Narita airport in Japan, we are already experiencing the major differences between the Japanese culture and our American culture. Please pray that we would take our emotions to the Lord and not grow critical of either culture as we leave Japanese immersion and return to American immersion.




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11 07 2011
Gabriel C.

Praying for your safe return 🙂

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