Sendai Trip with BEST Club

14 06 2011

During our time in Japan we have had several conversations with the students about the earthquake, tsunami, and the ongoing recovery. Although earthquakes are a routine part of life for the Japanese (we have experienced multiple small tremors in the past few weeks), now everyone is more sensitive and nervous whenever a tremor does occur. One student expressed that there is a general fear of nature and its power to destroy. In the midst of all this, it has been amazing to hear students and Japanese Navigator staff express gratitude that we still chose to come to Japan. To them it is a great demonstration of interest, care, and service that we proceeded with this trip despite the potential risks.

All this was on our minds as we traveled to Sendai last weekend to help with the clean up of a local bay. As we got closer to the coast we could see more and more homes affected; some shifted from their foundation, some with the entire first floor wiped out, and others destroyed completely. April was moved to tears at the sight of what these people have experienced.

Our group included about 30 students and some Navigator staff who were all very eager to do what they could to help. It was amazing to see how the students would give up their whole weekend to help people they had never met. The bay was covered with seaweed churned up by the tsunami and lots of debris carried by the water flowing back out to sea. The debris included tires, shipping containers, and all types of household items. We also got to help a rice farmer clear some of his fields of rocks and gravel that would affect future crops. At the end of our two day work project, it was uplifting to see that what were able to accomplish and know that were able to give some measure of aid to a widely and deeply hurting area.

One of the greatest blessings for our summer team was the chance to spend extended time with the students we are trying to reach out to. The four hour drive to and from Sendai allowed for a lot of great conversation and the work project and barbecues we had gave us wonderful shared experiences. Since that weekend we have seen how God has used the trip to tremendously advance our relationships and connections to the students as recently we have had several spiritual conversations with them.

Praise God that He has wonderful plans that we often don’t understand but can completely trust Him with.




3 responses

14 06 2011
Deb Entsminger

It’s always such a treat hearing from you guys and seeing the pics! …and catching glimpses of how the Lord is at work over there!!! Can’t wait to hear more! :0) Thanks so much for taking the time to write! It’s a joy to be able to share your journey! love you!

14 06 2011

Wow, thanks for the update. Praise God for using you guys over there. I am continuing to pray.

22 06 2011

Hey guys, we miss you a lot. When are you going to Skype again? Love you. Mom

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