Washing Our Hands With Toilet Water

31 05 2011

There are obviously many differences between American and Japanese culture. There are also many wonderful qualities and values of the Japanese people, including their ability to maximize space and conserve where possible. For example you’ll see in the picture below that in Japanese homes, they have sinks built into the tops of their toilets so that you can wash your hands with the clean water that refills the tank.

In a meeting with Tomoson, the Navigators campus director of Utsunomiya University, he shared with us how he is using Japanese values of relationship and respect to help bridge the divide between most students and God. We experienced how vast the divide is when Joel shared in their Freshmen Bible Discussion that his foundation for life is God and the Bible and one student responded by saying that he didn’t even know how to interpret what Joel said and that he had no framework for understanding belief in God. In spite of the hard soil that Japan can be, it is amazing to see how God is using the people here to proclaim the gospel and save lives. We have already met a number of students who have gotten saved through the Utsunomiya BEST Club. For most of them it took several years to come to faith and they are very much in the minority.

On a lighter note, in our one week here we have already been to karaoke, had a Japanese barbeque (the students threw a welcoming party for us that was wonderful), and traveled all over town by bike as this is the preferred mode of transportation for students. Please pray that in this next week we will start to develop good friendships and that we will have plenty of opportunities to spend time with the students. The Japanese tend to be quite shy which puts much of the work on us to initiate (which can be hard considering the language barrier).

You can see some pictures on our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=5017642) and we will post more soon.




2 responses

31 05 2011

Yay! This sounds like you are having a great impact and a great time! Miss ya’ll here:)

6 06 2011

Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!! The Lord is good……

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